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View of me at the bench, and Adelaide Town Hall clock behind. Level 9 repair workshop, overlooking a piece of Adelaide clockmaking history.Our central Adelaide city watch workshop. Using a combination of antique and modern equipment we restore watches and clocks ensuring the highest level of quality. Original materials sourced for sympathetic restoration of any given timepiece. After four years Richard McMahon completed a watchmakers apprenticeship in 1994. Richard was a co-author of the watchmaking industry standards of servicing for the federal government, while serving on the executive committee of the Horological Guild of Australasia.  In Sydney studied clockmaking and advanced parts manufacture for watches and clocks, and restored some of Sydneys most important clocks for Historic Houses and National Trust. Following this spent three years in London and worked in Piccadilly Arcade as an expert restorer for Cartier of Bond Street and preferred restorer for vintage Rolex pieces at Somlo antiques, London's premier restoration watch workshop and retailer. At that time Richard restored pieces for Cartier Bond Street, Cartier Melbourne, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breitling, Hublot, Bulgari and St. James's Palace as contract service agent on vintage and complicated pieces. Rolex trained case polisher, flat polish and lapping. Bringing these skills and experience back to Adelaide, Adelaide Vintage Watches goes the extra mile sourcing rare parts and manufacturing from scratch balance staffs, winding stems and discontinued watch hands. Hundreds of antique watch crystals for a complete restoration. Have your watch working and looking as it should, speak direct to the watchmaker restoring your precious timepiece. Rolex, Omega and antique pocket watch expert. Clock parts made to exacting specification for high quality repair. We use lathes, drills and vintage tools, to make vintage parts, we are traditional watchmakers.  Please contact us for a no obligation quote for watch and Adelaide clock repair, restoration and watch service Adelaide. Licensed second-hand watch dealer.

German engineering lathe for watch case repair and manufacture.

Central Adelaide CBD watch shop. Watch restoration experts.

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