R. McMahon Watchmakers - Adelaide vintage watch shop and watchmakers.
 Artwork on display.
Oil painting by Daryl Austin. Head of painting at the Central Adelaide School of Art. Subject, Breguet, the most famous watchmaker in history. Contact me for Daryls details.Original oil painting by Daryl Austin, head of painting, Central Art School, Adelaide of Abraham-Louis Breguet,  one of the most important innovators in horology. Breguet developed the Breguet overcoil hairspring, early development of automatic winding pocket watches, and shock-proofing systems and exquisite minute repeaters and perpetual calendars. He employed the finest jewellers to make beautifully crafted ruby jewels for high quality watch manufacture. Today a large number of watches use Breguet style hands and arabic numerals. The asthetics were as important as function to Mr Breguet, and we now 200 years later enjoy his contribution to the world of horology, if you wear a Swiss watch, at least one of his developments will be hidden inside.
Original drawing of watch chronograph movement, cut into jigsaw pieces, by Brad Berwick, visual artist. Contact me for details. 
 Chronograph watch movement drawing, applied to jigsawed timber. Original work by Brad Berwick, Adelaide.
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