R. McMahon Watchmakers - Adelaide vintage watch shop and watchmakers.
Due to our large workload we are no longer servicing and restoring clocks. We are focusing on Rolex and Omega restoration.We may start our restoration service again in mid 2019. 

At AR. McMahon Watchmakers we professionally restore and repair antique clocks. Full overhauls and service. Case restoration. Carriage clock and mantle clock specialist. French clocks and antique English clocks expertly cleaned, re-bushed and polished. Hand made balance staffs and wheels cut and fitted. We use traditional English and French methods. We do not as others in Adelaide use cheap Bergeon bushing. We use hand made bushes from hard bushing wire. Many antique clocks are badly repaired by "I'll have a go types".

We replace mainsprings using mainspring winders and don't cut costs by using cheap oils. We use Swiss Mobeus synthetic oil where possible, and highest quality grease. Our cleaning technology eliminates the use of highly amoniated cleaning and is less harmfull for antique clocks.

We use a combination of two part high grade marine laquer on French carriage clocks and marine chronometers, a quality clear spray is only used on parts not able to be hand laquered for brass protection against dis-colouring.

We love clocks at R.McMahon Watchmakers, if you have been told your clock is not repairable, try us for a no obligation quote. Check first if your clockmaker has a been certified as a clockmaker by the Watch and Clockmakers of Australia (WCA).

By appointment only at a time that suits you. Sorry, no house calls for quotes or collection.
French carriage clocks. Left, Circa 1900 Strike. Right, Circa 1980 clock for sale.
Russian box chronometer repaired and regulated by Addelaide Vintage watches.
Under the dial of a triple calendar French carriage clock for repair.Complicated clocks our specialty. Repeating clocks. Perpetual calendars, moon phase. Clock wheels manufactured, pinions and hands. Hand made clock balance staffs for platforms, we have been taking referals for years and work on behalf of other watchmakers for French carriage clock repairs. Call us first, quotes for clocks are $50. For Adelaide clock repairs and service, we are an engineering clock workshop, we make the parts others can't. Visit the shop and speak directly to the qualified and experienced clockmaker repairing your timepiece. By appointment only.
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