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Sometimes suitable parts are no longer available and second hand spares are worn and not suitable for collectors pieces. That's when you need a watchmaker and restorer like R. McMahon Watchmakers. Below is just one example of an early Omega Speedmaster chronograph calibre 321. So called moon watch. Some may remember it being used by the Apollo 13 astronuts to time rocket firing bursts when their computers malfunctioned, it helped save all 3 mens lives. Broken chronograph spring Omega no longer sells. The customer tried many places and was told too hard. We regularly make chronograph parts for early Patek, Rolex and Omega for clients around the globe. For the best in Rolex repair and Omega service contact info@rmcmahon.com.au
Return to zero hammer with broken section of spring below. Start of shape cut from matching grade steel being prepared for locating pins.
Omega chronograph hammer with broken piece below, and new spring taking shape.
Pins fitted and spring being polished and straight grained to match all other parts. This is high grade spring steel, as used by Omega in the 1960's.
Locating pins fitted and shape being adjusted and grain matching.
This is the completed watch. Chronograph functioning correctly, perfect fly-back. Steel colour and grain matching all other springs and levers. This is the type of work we do every day at Adelaide Vintage Watches, we take pride in our work and we do it correctly. I have been told we are expensive, we are dearer than the rest, we do the repair on your watches like  we would on ours, we spend time to get it right. This watch was designed to go to the moon, it did its job for many years, it deserved to be restored and count the seconds, minutes and hours again, a piece of watchmaking history. For information on having your classic piece restored by us contact info@rmcmahon.com.au 
Omega calibre 321 Speedmaster pre-moon watch for repair and restration. Every collector should have one.
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