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Omega 321 Speedmaster watch repair.

Below are some photos of a chronograph spring we made that is no longer available for Cal 321 Speedmaster pre-moon watch. We as you will see make a new spring from scratch from high grade steel as used by Omega. The watch now looks and operates great. We custom make such parts regularly, yes it costs hundreds, but on these classic watches the alternative is you have a pretty paper weight.
Broken Omega chronograph spring next to new one taking shape.
Return to zero hammer above, custom part taking shape next to broken spring.
Chronograph spring for Omega Speedmaster taking shape.Spring having locating pins fitted in blue steel. About to be polished and grained to match existing parts exactly.
Omega Speedmaster cal. 321 cased up and functioning perfectly.
The Omega Speedmaster 321 cased up and chrono springs all matching and looking pretty. We do the same for Rolex and Patek Valjoux 72 and other calibres.
Regularly restoring Vacheron, Pierce and Breitling chronographs. At Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations, we get watches working and looking correct. Please contact us for a quote on your timepiece, or complicated wristwatch. We have been doing this for some of the most important companies in the world as prefered restorers. With an independant restoration workshop for the last four years we offer service to all watch brands.
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