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Heuer and early Valjoux, Venus, chrono for investment.

Photo taher of Heuer chronograph before restoration at Adelaide Vintage Watches.
Not all watches are created equal, or are they? This is a thing that after 25 years in the trade I dont understand. This Heuer late 40's triple calendar chronograph I restored was valued at market rate at around 7K Aus. Valjoux 72 C base cal. solid gold case, mint condition. Nice watch. The equivalent  watch you can buy from a shop today with no day or month display, but auto winding new would be the Tag Heuer Carrera lets say, maybe 20K Aus. Not apples with apples?.  I agree.
OK. The equivelent in Rolex, I have restored and sold while in the UK, for well in excess of 200K (one for 2.2 million in Aus dollars) and the Patek, still the Valjoux 72 C base, just a pretty cover on the column wheel and bespoke escapement, upwards of 2 Million. Most people missed the boat on the val 72 C and Valjoux 88 (Chrono, day, date, month and moonphase). But this Heuer, why is it only 7K? I think when people like Lewis Hamilton start taking an interest in watches, not fashion, these will run at 10's of thousands. I didn't mention the Valjoux 730, but another time.....
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