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Longines automatic watch.

Longines automatic watch.This would have to be the most beautiful watch I've seen in years. Manufactured by Longines and Wittnauer watch company. Circa 1950. Dial in near new condition, factory winding crown, and the excellent automatic winding 19AS movement. Case 14K. Stunning, must see to get dial and case detail.  $2,850.

English pocket watch repair.

Movement and dial removed from case, years of neglect.Hand made pallet staff fitted ready for action.Pocket watch pallet staff hand made to suit English fuzee silver cased open faced pocket watch. Movement cleaned, engineering work done, fuzee click replaced.This is now a usable, beautiful timepiece. Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations.
Hand made Sterling silver bow. Matching set of hands re-blued. Case and dial cleaned. This is as far as I can tell, this is how it looked in 1860 when the English gentleman was wearing this as an everyday watch. Yours can too.

Heuer and early Valjoux, Venus, chrono for investment.

Photo taher of Heuer chronograph before restoration at Adelaide Vintage Watches.
Not all watches are created equal, or are they? This is a thing that after 25 years in the trade I dont understand. This Heuer late 40's triple calendar chronograph I restored was valued at market rate at around 7K Aus. Valjoux 72 C base cal. solid gold case, mint condition. Nice watch. The equivalent  watch you can buy from a shop today with no day or month display, but auto winding new would be the Tag Heuer Carrera lets say, maybe 20K Aus. Not apples with apples?.  I agree.
OK. The equivelent in Rolex, I have restored and sold while in the UK, for well in excess of 200K (one for 2.2 million in Aus dollars) and the Patek, still the Valjoux 72 C base, just a pretty cover on the column wheel and bespoke escapement, upwards of 2 Million. Most people missed the boat on the val 72 C and Valjoux 88 (Chrono, day, date, month and moonphase). But this Heuer, why is it only 7K? I think when people like Lewis Hamilton start taking an interest in watches, not fashion, these will run at 10's of thousands. I didn't mention the Valjoux 730, but another time.....

Omega 321 Speedmaster watch repair.

Below are some photos of a chronograph spring we made that is no longer available for Cal 321 Speedmaster pre-moon watch. We as you will see make a new spring from scratch from high grade steel as used by Omega. The watch now looks and operates great. We custom make such parts regularly, yes it costs hundreds, but on these classic watches the alternative is you have a pretty paper weight.
Broken Omega chronograph spring next to new one taking shape.
Return to zero hammer above, custom part taking shape next to broken spring.

Vintage watch restoration.

Before restoration, rusty and not functioning. Adelaide Vintage Watch repairs this watch.Stopwatch after restoration by Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations.Client requested a clean up of a stopwatch with sentimental value to the family. Case badly rusted. Two hands rusted beyond recognition. Movement not functioning. We decided a clean up could be bettered.
We carefully removed rust around case, replaced winding crown with the correct style from old stock and refinished bow.
Dial was cleaned, movement serviced and rust removed. Function of chronograph restored. New set of hands manufactured from steel, cut shaped, polished and blued in the traditional manner.

Recent watch repairs, Breitling, Pierce and Omega.


Recent repairs at Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations.Some early chronographs and modern watches recently repaired. Pushers hand made to suit chronographs and old style winding crowns fitted to match for rare models. 

Repeater chronograph triple calendar.

Swiss triple calendar chronograph pocket watch. Circa 1900. Repaired and functioning perfectly.
Under the dial showing quarter repeating mechanism and date parts. Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations restored this watch back to full working order.Repair and restoration of a Swiss 18K yellow gold quarter repeater. With chronograph and triple calendar. At Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations we regularly restore such pieces and hand make parts to get these special pieces working again. From the earliest of pocket watches to the latest complications, we restore watches other watchmakers say cant be done. Contact us for a quote.

Under the dial.

Movement from the back. 

Breitling restoration and Pierce chrono

Two chronograph watches mid repair. Both rebuilt for everyday use. One Pierce chronograph and right Breitling. At Adelaide Vintage Watch Restorations.Left  Pierce chronograph for restoration and hand made pusher.

Right early Breitling chronograph for service, mainspring and correct chronograph set up.

Tudor/Rolex for sale.

Tudor/Rolex wristwatch restored for sale.From Adelaide's leading watch shop and restoration centre.New in stock, Rolex cased Tudor automatic winding wristwatch. Fully restored, stainless steel. $1,250. Classic everyday vintage watch.

Rolex submariner custom bezel and dial.

Rolex Submsriner custom restoration at Adelaide Vintage Watches.Pre 2006 Rolex submariner. Custom blue ceramic bezel fitted and blue white dial to match for client. Very beautiful watch.
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